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Tips In Treating Your Sports Related Injuries

Sports injuries are simple injuries that occur when you are doing sports or even exercises. There are different reasons as to why you would sustain ne and it’s important to know them for better precaution. It can be due to wrong practices, training, wrong equipment, lack of warm-ups and stretching before playing. So, things like this need to be taken into consideration when you are at the gym and at the practice sessions. So, take a look at the treatments you need to follow for your personal trainer Perth, at

Starting off from RICERICE actually stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You need to practice then whenever a sports injury occurs like strains, sprains, knee injuries and for swollen muscles. Until you call a doctor for the rescue, practice this method and see your results. Rest your injured area and don’t go on practicing the next moment. This will only worsen the problem and keep you in tension and pain. Ice a great healing method because it has anti-inflammatory values to reduce pains and swelling. So, use an ice pack and keep it on your injured area for at least twenty minutes eight times per day. Next is Compression. Give a little pressure to the injured area to reduce swelling. For this you can use an elastic wrap. Use pillows for the process of Elevation to reduce swelling.

The therapies you want to focus onThere are several ways your sports doctor will treat you in order to heal you and one of these ways is physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy can be done through massages, cold packs, heat packs, electrical current and sound waves. Your sports doctor will know the best method according to your injury whether it’s a knee problem or a strain.

Exercise yourselfThe worse think you can do is to go on without even simply exercising your injured area to heal it thinking it will increase pain. But what you have to truly to do is to start exercising from a very small way under proper guidance of your personal trainer, therapist or doctor. You start from moving the injured area in different motions and then starting to stretch. After that you can use weights to strengthen it. The sooner it’s done the better but you need to make sure you can move your injured area without pain, stiffness or swollenness before you hit the gym or sports again.

Keep goingAfter you are healed now you know how to prevent these types of injuries. Get help from your personal gym trainer to show you the correct ethics of working and practicing and also use protective gear all the time. Don’t make your injuries the reason to quit playing and exercising yourself. You should know that sustaining injuries is quite normal when you are playing but it’s your responsible to prevent them as much as you can.