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In the beginning humans used herbs and different plants that had been found to cure certain illnesses however due to the lack of understanding of this particular herbs and plants and their lack of understanding of the illnesses themselves these ancient humans had a higher mortality rate which en courage humans to seek better and more effective medication. As the centuries passed, humans discovered antibiotics which were very effective in curing diseases that were thought to be fatal in the years before. Sadly however, this new discovery was used more and more until today we have begun to take antibiotics for even the slightest of symptoms. As we live very busy lives today and are unable to take the leave necessary from our work places to recover when we are ill, we tend to take a whole heap of antibiotics which cure us instantly allowing us to attend work within the next twenty four hours. However, as miraculous as this may seem, it is not always the best solution.

Downsides of antibiotics

While antibiotics may seem like a miraculous cure for serious illness, it is very important that we do not take too many antibiotics. The reason for this is that, as our bodies become accustomed to having antibiotics in our systems they become less responsive to them and therefore in the case of a serious illness when we truly need them, they may not work. It is far more advisable to in less serious circumstances to see a Chiropractor. Caringbah has many well-known and recommended Chiropractors you can visit when you not feeling too well.

One fact that many people are not aware of is that our bodies are built to fight illness and each of us was born with an extremely strong immune system. The more our immune systems fight off illnesses the stronger they become. Alternative medication is designed to strengthen our immune systems to help us fight the disease ourselves with those same herbs an plants our ancestors used to take, only today we have a much better knowledge of our bodies and our illnesses to help fight the disease. This is why it is a better idea to see the best Chiropractor in Caringbah has to offer instead of popping pills.

The theory is similar to a human wrestler or a sportsman, the more they fight or the more they practice, the stronger they become. When people take antibiotics at any given opportunity, our immune systems do not work, they simply depend on the antibiotics to fight the disease and therefore become weaker.

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