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Get Your Pain Treated At Better Health Clinic

When met with an accident or an injury, the pain experienced is indescribable. But people who understand this pain and are there to help you out in all possible ways on your way to recover are Better Health Clinic. There are numerous clinics all over Australia, but your go to choice should only be Better Health Clinic as they are dedicated in ensuring that patients get back to the best of their health and live life fully. The clinic was established by Claudia Barreiro with the intention of putting recent developments in science and medicine for benefit of patients. She is passionate about bringing natural medicine and assessment of health through noninvasive methods in reach of patients. Click here for more info on pain management in Perth.

As someone who has undergone surgeries herself and seen the worst of it, she focuses on regaining health through the intake of nutrient and naturopathy. For her it is more like a social obligation towards all those who are in pain, as nothing brings satisfaction that reliving someone from their suffering. Claudia herself is a member of the medicine society of Australia and is therefore who can be completely trusted in matters of health. Along with this credential, she is someone who believes in knowing about the recent developments and for that attends conferences and seminars on nutrition and naturopathy. Thus, when you approach Better Health Clinic, you know you are in the hands of the best in town.

How do they manage pain?

The usual way of treating pain is visiting a doctor, and taking medicines or getting ultrasounds followed by surgeries in extreme cases. That is not how pain is managed at Better Health Clinic. What they do is known as “evidence based practice”. For those of you who don’t know what it is nothing to worry! This basically is a way to treat patients whereby they employ clinical help and scientific findings. The treatments they design for their patients focus on their physical as well as mental health as they understand that balance and wellbeing of both are equally important to live a healthy life.

In case you want to contact them, then all you have to do is book an appointment. They offer at office and online consultation sessions and you can choose the one that best suits you. During your online session, you can share screen with your consultant so that you feel as you are discussing your case with them in person.  In addition, they also have the option of pharmacy that delivers the required medicines when and if you place an order online.  With more than two decade of being in the healthcare, they are experienced enough to answer any of your query and concerns so don’t hesitate and contact them.

Meet the rest of the team

So you know that Claudia Barreiro began the clinic, but for any such endeavor to succeed, it is integral that like-minded people join hands. Same is the case here, other members in team include: Anna Williams and Primi Barreiro.