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Electronic Shisha Sticks- Better And Safer Than E-Cigarettes

Electronic Shisha sticks are relatively new in the market, they haven’t been around for a long timelike E-cigs, but are so much like them. Originally back in the old days Shisha was used to smoke flavored tobacco through a pipe, which in later days came to be known as Hookah. Due to the rise of cancer in the world, many scientists developed the E-cigs so that people would quit the actual one and opt for this electronic version, to reduce the risk of getting cancer of course. 
But most of the people still don’t know how to use this.Moreover they don’t know that there are electronic Hookah machines who don’t even have the effects of electronic cigarettes. The e-hookah machines are known by many names in the market, some call it a Shisha pen, eShisha, Shisha sticks and so many other names. Currently there are two types of sticks, reusable ones and disposable Shisha sticks, both work on the same principle, and is also available in various shapes and sizes. Unlike the e-cigarette Darwin, and other Asian countries, the Shisha sticks sold have tobacco in them.

According to the creators, the tobacco used in Shishas revitalizes the feeling of smoking acigarette just without any side effects. Identical to an electronic cigarette, it is made up of three elements, an electric cell, the atomizer and the nicotine cartridge in liquid form. The main problem with cigarettes is the fact that it contains tar.The people who switched to eShishas can breathe a sigh of relief because they do not contain any tar. Apart from tar, normal cigarettes also have other harmful chemicals such as glycerin, cadmium, benzene, arsenic, chromium, acrolein and 70 other cancer causing chemicals.
Since the new hookah pens are free of these chemicals, all 70 of them, you can be sure that there are no substances that are going to harm you. The smoke which comes out when you drag it is only water vapor. One more thing about them is the fact that they are cheap, althoughnot cheaper than a pack of smokes, it’s cheap electronic cigarette, and does have any chemicals that harm the body in any way. You can get these sticks in many flavors, just like a normal hookah pot. So what exactly bring out the smoke in these sticks?
Particularly a chemical called propylene glycol combined with water vapor gives out the smoke, now this chemical is non-toxic and is also present in many food items. Until now there have been no studies to show that this chemical is harmful to the human body, regardless of what way it’s taken in. Since no studies have been conducted on it, the proof to say this chemical is 100% safe is not exactly very strong. But when you think about it, this chemical is present in many food stuff too, if that hasn’t caused any problems till now, it’s highly doubtful that it may cause any problems in future. Except for this uncertainty, the sticks can be deemed as more secure than normal cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, it’s only a matter of time before people know about this, everything takes time right?