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Easy To Make And Healthy Lunch Ideas For Busy People

Posted on April 17th, 2016 by Richard Necaise

When money seems to be the one thing that turns the world on its axis, we give no attention whatsoever to something that is not beneficial. In some cases this can end up being our body’s needs. In extreme hard workers’ cases, the body seems to be the main victim of late nights at the office and overtime extended office trips and such. So if you like to sleep in on days you can, or have no time to actually make something for yourself for lunch, here are some tips for a quick and easy meal that is healthy.

Light diet sandwich

If the regular sandwich is getting complaints from your kids and other family members, spice things up a bit. You can change the dressing or change the inside of the sandwich or even the bread you usually use. Usually pancetta breads are a huge win with people and adding a bit of bacon does not hurt. Use tomatoes and lettuces and add a bit of herbs in between. If you have time during the weekend, try making a batch of dressing to go on the sandwich. You can make regular mayonnaise and herbs dressing, or honey and lime dressing or something the kids would like. According to dietitian in Adelaide this is a healthy alternative to the regular PB and J sandwiches. If you are taking the sandwich and do not want it soggy, then packing the insides of the sandwich separately (or at least the tomatoes) can prevent sogginess. You can make the sandwich more enticing to the kids by using coloring for the food items or cutting up the sandwich into small pieces and adding something decorative on top.

Artichoke and white bean spelt salad

Salad is a word detested by sweet lovers, carnivores and kids alike. Salads do not make sense to them and eating something green makes them run a mile if they could. Spelt is a high protein grain and packs a nutty flavor that is a favorite with kids and counselling for anger management Adelaide. It also comes with high levels of fiber and vitamin B so that anyone who eats it can get out of an emergency situation quickly. For the salad you need fresh mint, fresh parsley, red onion, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper powder, navy beans, artichoke hearts and cooked spelt. You can make this salad ahead of time and just grab it and take with you for lunch. It is a good idea to have many types of grab and go lunch packets for the whole week made ahead on time. Most people are better off doing this activity during the weekend than on an evening.

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