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Causes Of Muscle Aches

Muscle aches are bound to happen with our busy lifestyles. You may have been continuously working for days with no breaks and this will make your entire body tensed up. Some simple medications and a massage could release the pain, however you need to pay attention to these aches since they could be symptoms of an underlying illness. So here are some causes of muscle pain and how to avoid them.


Stress is not just about your mental health but it also affects you physically. You may experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) that is caused by extreme tiredness, especially if you’ve been working late nights. CFS may easily cause infection or inflammation in your muscles, as your body is struggling to fight them. The common symptoms are, increased heart rate that causes chest pains, high blood pressure, headaches, feeling of breathlessness etc. Stress is common to all however exceeding amounts of it is very unhealthy. Hence practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or even yoga to relax and stretch your muscles. You can get the effective sport injury laser done too as it is a pain free method to release infections in muscles.

Nutrition deficit

Proper nutrition is vital to maintain the health of your muscles. The main nutrient that affects muscles is vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. A deficiency in calcium can lead to hypocalcemia which is a condition that will affect the strength of bones and other organs, apart from muscles. Vitamin D is present in milk, fish and sunlight too, so maybe taking a quick walk under the sun isn’t so bad. Magnesium deficiency can cause fatigue so add foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits such as avocado and banana, and plenty of nuts and seeds. A balanced diet will always keep you away from cold laser treatment for pain relief in muscles.

Sprains and strains

A strain occurs when the muscles and tendons are overstretched or torn. The most common areas are the hamstring muscle and lower back. You may experience these due to extreme physical activity, accidents, lifting heavy objects, overtiring yourself, being in an awkward position etc. RICE is the best method to treat such sprains and strains. You need to Rest the affected area, keep some Ice, Compress the area to reduce swelling and keep it Elevated. Once the basic treatment is done, see a doctor, get necessary tests and x-rays to see the severity of the injury. It is vital that you do not put pressure on it until it is fully healed.